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The author is for urban management feel wronged, sometimes think they work very hard and not be understood, May 1st this year, hermes belt buckle a female net friend to go to work on the urban management to send water, resulted in numerous netizen , the mens hermes belt once wrote in his blog from send chengguan near water ink black collective thinking showed his point of view.

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In kunming the quasi tianmen incident the day before yesterday, once again confirmed that familiar motto: there is no love without reason, hermes belt men no hate without a reason.The contradiction between urban management and vendors, in fact, the city bright and the contradiction between the weak group survival.

In their view, hermes replica belt considered the city are these so-called army, these people encroachments stalls blocking traffic, the unlicensed disrupt the market, only way to do with these people to clear, replica hermes belt only the crackdown.

Where is the sticking point? From the day before yesterday in the mountain west conference avant-garde street agency real hermes belt saemaul undong violence law enforcement event, we can find the answer roughly - law enforcement officers beat the crowd and said: where are you from where are you going back and forth!

A woman in kunming urban management team after the news reported by media, caused widespread concern across the country, real hermes belt many people think it is good to change the chengguan image.

The solid backing tells us, female chengguan so-called flexible enforcement might have an effect to improve the image of the replica louis vuitton belts, fake hermes belt flexible behind the table is still in the hard.

And the reporter understands, although the dove woman squadron will be independent law enforcement, but mainly persuaded work such as education, mood calm, cheap hermes belts is still a solid backing.

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